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Best Free Direct Mutual Funds Investment Platform in India

Best Free Direct Mutual Funds Investment Platform (Hindi)
Written by Gashik

Hello, Investor welcomes to a fresh article of “”. In this article, I’m going to explain Best Free Direct Mutual Funds Investment Platform in India.

May it’s very helpful for the Investor to generate more return.

Best Free Direct Mutual Funds Investment Platform

Do you want to save money by investing in mutual funds? Then the direct Mutual Funds are the best option.

There are two types of mutual funds Regular Mutual funds and Direct Mutual funds.

The expense ration of direct mutual fund comparatively less than Regular mutual funds.

Nowadays Investing in direct mutual funds are very easy.

A lot of online portals are available to invest in direct mutual funds.

As per my personal Groww is one of the best ways to invest in direct mutual funds.

Groww provides a simple, easy and user-friendly interface.

Groww is also helping in the selection of mutual funds with a full analysis of the mutual fund scheme.

In the above video, I am Explain how to join the platform.

Groww is offering funds from around 37 AMCs. The platform is clean and easy to use.

Groww has dug dip into the data and provided all the possible data points which can help you to take a decision on your investing.

I am impressed with the data points like performance comparison with other schemes in the same group.

Groww is Available on Desktop and App

One of the best parts of Groww is it’s available on the desktop, Android App and iOS App.

You can open a website on a desktop or download the app from the Android Play Store iOS store.

In this direct mutual fund Flatform, you can also see annual returns.


The advantage of Groww is that you can pay directly to BSE ie the Bombay Stock Exchange.

This is helpful because you will not pay the mediator or their Groww account.

This platform is helping us to learn and gain knowledge about mutual funds.

Apart from this, you can also ask questions related to mutual funds.

This platform helps you in selection best mutual funds i.e., most invested mutual fund portfolio and most popular mutual funds.

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