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Best Mutual Funds for Long-Term Investment

Best Mutual Funds For Long Term Investment
Written by Gashik

If you are new to the stock market and do not understand much about investing, you should consult a mutual fund adviser before investing.

A mutual fund adviser will be able to provide you with a personal investment plan after seeking relevant details.

Here are our recommended Best Mutual Funds For Long-Term Investment.

This will give you a weird idea of how to make a mutual fund portfolio with different degrees of risk for investors. For more Details Watch Below Video (In Hindi).

Best Mutual Funds For Long-Term Investment Category’s

Here are some pointers. First, since you are investing for 10 years, you can consider investing in equity mutual fund schemes from below categories.

However, you should choose a plan based on your risk profile.

 Large Cap Funds

  1. Kotak Select Focus Funds
  2. Reliance Top 200 Funds

Small & Mid Cap Funds

  1. L&T Emerging Business Fund
  2. Reliance Small Cap Fund

Diversified Funds

  1. Sundaram Rural India Fund
  2. Tata Equity PE Fund

 ELSS Funds

  1. Principal Tax Saving Fund
  2. L&T Tax Advantage Fund

Best Way to Invest In Mutual Funds

The smart way to invest in mutual funds is a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP).

By investing in the fixed amount in the mutual fund a through SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) you can beat the volatility of the market.

No need to worry about the market situation.

So as per my personal view SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) is the best way to invest in Mutual Fund

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