Best Website Hosting For Blogs [USA’s #1 Hosting]

Are you new to blogging and looking for the best website hosting for blogs to build your first blog?

You are on the right page!

Here I provided the best website hosting for blogs according to my personal experience.

Hello, friends welcome to another fresh article of “’, Here in this article I provided the best hosting provider details to start your blog.

Whenever you start a new blog you must choose fast, secure, and safe web hosting.

According to the Google new algorithm update, site speed and security is one of the Google ranking factors for article racking.

Safety is another impotent factor while choosing hosting services, You must ensure the data you save on hosting is safe, it will not be used for reselling to a third party.

So, Always keep the above things in your mind you need to choose a fast, secure, and safe web hosting service.

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Best Website Hosting For Blogs.

Best Website Hosting For Blogs.

Here I suggested website hosting for blogs in 2 categories and explain which one is best for you.

Hosting Categories:-

  • Shared Hosting.
  • Managed Cloud Hosting.

If your website is new and not getting much more traffic then you can go for shared hosting.

Once when your ranking is improved and start getting huge traffic you can migrate your site to Managed cloud hosting.

Right now a question must be arising in your mind that why did I say managed cloud hosting, why not suggest normal cloud hosting?

Because in normal cloud hosting it is not easy for you to handle the server configuration. For that, you should know server management.

If there is any kind of issue in the server, then you should also know to solve it.

That’s why you should go with managed cloud hosting because here all your server configuration is done by your hosting provider.

Best Shared Website Hosting For Blog.

Best Shared Website Hosting For Blog.

To kick start your blogging journey, shared web hosting is the best option, There are a lot of shared hosting providers available in the market, but it is very difficult to identify the right one.

But you do not need to worried about that because I have done that work for you.

In the past 3 years, I used many low to high price range hared web hosting and found that Hostinger is one of the best and budget shared web hosting available in the market.

Hostinger starts its hosting service in 2017 as a free hosting provider with the company name of In 2011 it renamed Hostinger.

Now Hostinger has 29 million active customers in over 178 countries.


So, I highly recommend you to go with Hostinger to host your Blog.

Hostinger offer 3 plan in shared hosting.

  • Single Web Hosting.
  • Premium Web Hosting.
  • Business Web Hosting.

On a single web hosting plan you can host only 1 website and under Premium web hosting and Business web hosting plan you can host up to 100 websites.

With the Premium & Business web hosting plan, you will get a free Domain also.

only one thing bothers me when I go with Hostinger. That is, Hostinger provides to host 100 websites, but it provides free SSL for only one website.

But if you know from where you have to get free SSL for your website then this issue is not a big problem for you.

According to my opinion, Hostinger’s shared web hosting is the best website hosting for blogs that come under budget.

Best Managed Cloud Website Hosting For Blog.

Best Managed Cloud Website Hosting For Blog.

Managed cloud hosting is an advanced level hosting, If you are looking for website hosting for your new website, then this is not recommended for you.

But if you want that your website speed is better than your competitor and you visitor get a very good user experience, then you can go ahead with managed cloud hosting.

even if your website is getting a huge amount of traffic you can still consider managed cloud hosting.

Under managed cloud hosting I highly recommend you to go with , I’m using their service since 2019.

Till today I did not phase any server down issue, and one more thing I noticed that after migrating my existing website to AlphaRapid cloud hosting my Google AdSense earning and Organic traffic are increased.

AlphaRapid offers 3 types of Managed cloud hosting plans.

  • Gamma
  • Beta
  • Alpha

Under the “Gamma” plan you can host only 1 website, the “Beta” plan allows you to host 10 Websites and the “Alpha” plan allow you to host 25 websites.

Along with “Beta” and “Alpha” plan you will get a free domain also.

By purchasing AlphaRapid cloud hosting you will get access to WPMUDEV Pro plugins worth $990. Because AlphaRapid has an agency license from WPMUDEV.

WPMUDEV pro plugins are available with all hosting plans offered by AlphaRapid.

If you are looking for fast and reliable web hosting for blogs then AlphaRapid is best website hosting for blogs.

Shared Hosting Vs Managed Cloud Hosting.

Shared Hosting Vs Managed Cloud Hosting.

If you are confused about shared hosting or Managed cloud which are the best website hosting for blogs.

Then you can tack a decision based on the below comparison.

Shared hosting and managed cloud hosting both are hosting services providers that provide you space to host your website on their server.

But the services offered by them are quite different.

Here below I note down all the major points of both which you need to know before buying anyone.

Shared Hosting Vs Managed Cloud Hosting

Shared HostingManaged Cloud Hosting
ServerHost multiple websites on a single server.Host a single website on multiple servers.
Server ManagementThe shared hosting server is managed by the hosting provider.Managed cloud hosting server is managed by hosting provider.
Loading SpeedThe loading speed of the website is lover than managed cloud hosting.On managed cloud hosting websites load faster than shared hosting.
Server DowntimeDue to multiple websites being hosted on the same server, the possibility of server down is mere in shared hosting.Because of hosting the same website on multiple servers, server down issue on managed cloud hosting is next to impossible.
CostShared hosting charges are cheaper when comparing with managed cloud hosting.Managed cloud hosting charges are comparatively higher than shared hosting.

Even after reading all the points in detail, if you are still confused about which hosting to buy.

Then I would suggest that you, If your budget allows then go with managed cloud hosting.

Otherwise, go with shared hosting and when your site starts getting traffic and your earning starts then you can migrate to cloud hosting.

Now you enough knowledge to choose the best website hosting for blogs, If you have any questions or confusion regarding the hosting plan please ask in the comment box.

FAQ On Website Hosting For Blogs.

Why Web Hosting Is Important?

If you want to run your website without any issue and want to provide the best user experience to your visitors then you need good web hosting without good web hosting you are unable to run your website.

How Web Hosting Can Affect SEO?

According to Google speed of a website is one of the ranking signals, it means if you want to beat your competitors to rank on Google’s first page then your site must have a better page loading speed than your competitors and web hosting play an important role in website page loading speed. Therefore why indirectly web hosting affect SEO.

Shared Hosting or Cloud Hosting Which Is Better.

Cloud hosting is better than shared hosting, but it also depends on your budget, Cloud hosting is expensive than shared hosting, which means if your budget allows then only you can buy cloud hosting.

I hope now you understand which is the best website hosting for blogs. If anyone has any query or subjection please ask in the comment box.


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