Secret Ways To Make Money Online USA 2022

If you searching for the Secret Ways To Make Money Online.

You are on the right page!

Here I shared 3 ways to make money online, 3rd method is the secret method that works for everyone because it’s working for me.

Hello, Friends welcome to another fresh article on “”. Here in this article, I explained the blueprint of the secret ways to make money online.

Believe me, guys if you properly follow and implement these methods suggested, you will definitely get the result.

So, carefully read the complete article. It will give you an idea about where to start.

Maybe these methods you may know, But the strategy to earn from these methods you never hear of before.

It is the real strategy to make money online from anywhere in the world if you have an internet connection.

Secret Ways To Make Money Online

How To Make Money Online?

On Google approx 500 people search “Secret Ways To Make Money Online”. in a month.

But they are not able to get proper guidance.

If they get proper guidance earning money online is a simple process.

There is no need to work with Google to earn money from google. You just need to work for your own self.

And Google will pay you.

Are you confused? How Google will pay you when you work for your own self.

Don’t worry you are on here you will get the answer to your every question.

Mainly there are 2 ways to earn money from google.

  • YouTube.
  • Blogging.

Here below I explained Secret Ways To Make Money Online by using both of these platforms.

And I have also explained my personal method of how I earn money online with google.

So, Let’s start with my first method.

Use YouTube to generate a Income source

Earn Money From YouTube.

Yes, Friends YouTube is the best way to earn money online without paying anything. But nowadays YouTube improves its policies.

Now monetize your YouTube channel, you need to complete 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers.

And earning money from YouTube becoming more difficult.

Wait….. Wait…..

Monetizing channels is not only a way to earn money from YouTube. There are lots of ways available to make money from YouTube.

How to Make Money From YouTube

How to Make Money From YouTube?

First, you need to start a Youtube channel then join any affiliate programs like Amazon affiliate, CJ Affiliate, Click Bank, etc…

Now you need to cheese a product category that you understand better.

And then make a video on the same. Maybe at the begging, you will not get more views.

But as time pass the views on your video are slowly increasing.

Let’s understand with an example how it works.

Suppose that you create a video on Bluehost web hosting. And put your Bluehost affiliate link in your video description.

The affiliate commission of Bluehost is 65$ per Signup. If you will get 100 views per month on your video.

And any of 2 viewers buy Hosting using your affiliate like you will get 65×2 = 130$.

Most of the product review videos you watch on YouTube are affiliate videos.

Whenever you buy anything by clicking the link given on their video description, they will get an affiliate commission.

I hope now you understand how to promote affiliate products by using YouTube.

Do Blogging for some extra income

Earn Money From Blog.

Blogging is another way to earn money online. If you don’t know how to start a blog.

Please read our article “How To Start Blogging“.

In 2019 there is high competition at blogging. But don’t worry, Still a low competition keyword available on the internet.

By selecting the right niche you can rank your site on Google’s first page.

If you can rank your site on Google’s first page. You can make lots of money from your blog.

Here I explain the different ways to make money from your blog.

Make Cash From Blogging

How Earn Money From Blogging?

There are lots of ways to make money from a blog. Here I explain 3 methods that I use to generate income from a blog.

First Method – Google Adsense:-

Yes, friends, You can monetize your blog with Google Adsense.

By monetizing your blog with Google Adsense you can earn money online without paying anything for a lifetime.

There are many ad networks available on the internet. But none of the reliable.

Google Adsense is a google product, So, you can trust Google Adsense.

Most of the YouTubers say there is a big competition on blogging.

But remember competition is everywhere in your life.

So, never demotivate yourself. always give your best to blogging.

By writing quality content on your blog. You can get Google Adsense approval very fastly.

Second Method – Affiliate Marketing:-

Affiliate marketing is also a great source of online earning.

As we discussed in the YouTube earning section, You need to join an affiliate network.

And need to write quality articles on the same.

If you can rank your article on Google’s first page. Then you can make lots of money from the affiliate network.

You can make more money by combining blogging with affiliate marketing.

You can also do affiliate marketing through the Youtube channel.

Third Method – Guest Posting:-

If your blog is getting amazing traffic from Google. Then you can allow Guest Posting on your blog.

By allowing guest posts on your blog you can earn a decent amount.

You can charge some of the amounts from guest bloggers.

The concept of guest blogging is very simple, by allowing guest post you will get a free high-quality article and the guest blogger get Do-Follow Backlink.

I think now you have a clear-cut idea about how to earn money from a blog.

My personal method Make money Online

Secret Ways To Make Money Online (Secret Strategy).

I know that all of you are want to know how I make money by combining all of these methods.

Don’t worry friends, Here I will explain the complete process step by step.

Before start, I want to tell you something.

If you want to succeed in this internet world you need to improve yourself first.

And you need to do experiments regularly & need to try new strategies.

This is my personal method, maybe it works for someone maybe not.

But you need to keep trying, Remember “Practice makes a man perfect”.

Let’s start!

First I write SEO friendly article and put some appropriate affiliate links in my article.

And then I make a YouTube video on the same topic.

And put the article link in my video description and ask my audience to visit my site for more details.

The specialty of YouTube videos is YouTube will show your videos on the suggested videos list who interested in your topic.

And the views of your videos are automatically increasing day by day.

If 10% of viewer clicks on your link and come to your site, you can generate a decent amount of lead from your affiliate product.

I use YouTube to drive traffic to my site.

By driving traffic to my site I will also get a Google Ads impression.

I will get the payment from Google for the Ad impression.

It’s mean if the visitor doesn’t buy anything from my affiliate link, I will get paid by Adsense.

As well as if the visitor buys something from my affiliate link, I will get affiliate commission and Adsense payment.

I think now all of you understand how I earn by combining all these methods.

You can make lots of money by using these methods.

I hope you understand what is the Secret Ways To Make Money Online from YouTube and Blog. If anyone has any query or suggestion regarding Secret Ways To Make Money Online suggested in this article. Please ask in the comment section.


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